Supreme x Damien Hirst

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Larry Clark, Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Christopher Wool, Nate Lowman, KAWS…what do all these names have in common? Yes, they have all in the past collaborated with cult NYC skate brand Supreme. Well you can now add British born millionaire artist Damien Hirst to that list. In true Supreme style these will be released later this year for the same price as any other deck they’ve put out in the past and I dread to think how much money kids will make. You can read a rare interview with James ‘Supreme’ Jebbia over at Interview Magazine inwhich he chats about subjects such as the label’s early beginnings, artist collaborations, the recession and hype to name a few. 

Interview Magazine



Perks and Mini S/S 2009

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 P.A.M. are one of my favourite brands, I love their distinctive psychedelic  aethetic and visual blitzkrieg approach to design. Heralding from Melbourne Australia, Misha (Perks) and Shauna (Mini) have struck up a mid ground between streetwear and hi-fashion with their mixture of vibrant graphic t-shirts and fine cut and sew garments. For S/S 2009  P.A.M. apprarently embrace the spirit of modern and ancient history with ‘Magic Messages’, a collection of high-impact pieces live and direct from another planet… See the collection to date after the J U M P.


Baracuta G9 Slimfit Harrington Jacket

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After featuring Clarks Desert Boots earlier this is the second British design classic of the day – the Baracuta G9. My Summer jacket list has only two names, that APC Varsity and a G9. The Harrington Jacket was created in Manchester back in 1937 and through the years has clothed such greats as Steve McQueen, Elvis and the World Cup winning 1966 English football team. Its lightweight fabrics and excellent construction coupled with eyecatching tartan lining make this an excellent choice for those chilly Summers evenings.  For more…


Optical Opulence #4

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Desert Boots

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I’m after a pair of desert boots for Spring and have been close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Clarks a number of times only to be  tempted by other brands at the last minute. Here are the brands in question; which to choose…?

Full Roundup – Clarks, Opening Ceremony, Common Projects, Emma Hope etc. After the Jump.


Photo Print T-Shirts

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I haven’t been wearing printed t-shirts much recently but a spring clean of my wardrobe reminded me just how great prints – in particular photo prints can be (I’d choose one over a graphic tee anyday of the week). Having said this I’m not sure how much wear these will be getting in the future. Anyway, here are some of my favourites from the years gone by.

Supreme S/S 09

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I used to be a massive fan of Supreme and in some ways I still am but this latest collection is, in my opinion, one of the weakest yet. Out of the whole release the only items I’d consider buying are from the stuff they bring out every season – the oxfords and large gingham shirt. The bags look cheap (there hasn’t been a good one for aaaages), the t-shirts uninspired (the lou reed photo tee looks pretty dodgy) and theres a fair bit of recycling of bad designs going on. Anyway, enough, I’ll let you make your own mind up, here are some of the standouts….


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Tierney Gearon

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Tierney Gearon is probably best known for the controversy caused whilst exhibiting as part of the ‘I am a Camera’ exhibition at the Saatchi some 8 years ago. At the time, a tabloid newspaper in the UK proclaimed one of the photographs of her semi-nude children as ‘perversion under the guise of art’; the police waded in and removal of the works was requested- the gallery refused. As unsavoury as this episode was, Gearon admits such exposure ‘validated’ her as a photographer.


In her latest exhibition ‘Exposure’ at the Ace Gallery Beverly Hills , Gearon experiments with double exposures (taking a photo, saving the film and shooting another on top). The results are intriguing, look for yourself.  


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Bjorn Copeland

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The artist behind these energetic images is Brooklyn based Bjorn Copeland, his collages bombard you with bright colours, geometric patterns, sharp angles and scrambled images – but you can see that right? As well as collage, Copeland also creates mixed media and found object scultures in a similar psychedelic vein. Not content with splashing around in the art world, Bjorn is also a member of the experimental noise band Black Dice. For more clickclickclick…


Our Legacy

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The opening of the new Tres Bien Shop brings with it a showcase of the new Our Legacy collection. Here, not only do we have the well produced shirt, knit and shoe range but also the newly added lines in washed denim and leather luggage.  For me, the brand’s reasonable pricing and classic wearability means it is now breathing down APC’s neck in the race for my wardrobe space . Roll on the Summer.


My picks from the collection are the suede brogue shoes, cream cable knit sweater and the leather duffel.