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As you may have noticed there has been a major slowdown in productivity around these parts; and for good reason. I’m about to embark on a jaunt over the pond to soak up the cultural and culinary delights of the United States of America. As a result, expect to see some changes on here. Obviously I’ll have shit all time for the internet so updates will be slim but check back for (hopefully) travel photos, shop info and the odd city guide. It is however anyones guess how well this fact-finding mission will actually go as I am travelling with one of the world’s finest unreliables who, unhappily, is at this moment incharge of our automobile alone on the open highway somewhere in  California (Death Valley no doubt) . Lord willing, he will come good. Anyway, touch down will be in Seattle, so next time you hear from me I’ll probably be chillin’ with an $8 double mocha-latte in Starbucks. Yeah right whatever.

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Rick Owens x Eastpak

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After 2 successful collaborations with Raf Simons and with another scheduled for release this Summer, Eastpak are looking to expand on their high fashion credentials, this time with the help of Rick Owens. I haven’t been much of a fan of the Raf Eastpak bags; collaboration 1 was totally unwearable and whilst the 2nd set of bags were much nicer they felt very flimsy (mine felt like it would rip at any moment so I sold it). From these first few product shots I really like what Rick Owens has done, from what can be made out at least, the bags seem minimal and elegant with hidden seams. The lighting and resolution is such that I can’t make out the materials, I hope these don’t turn out looking really cheap.


Corpus Leather Jacket

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bad photo…

LIFE Magazine Photography

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I’m almost certainly pretty darn late on this one but anyway,  you may or may not already know that search goliath Google has teamed up with LIFE magazine to host a MASSIVE selection of the publication’s photograph archive. It’s a great resource for high-res images or for browsing decades gone by. Here are some random images I came across after a quick look into the vault.  

LIFE x Google



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Albam is a young UK based clothing company who strive to produce all of their garments on home soil (where possible). Recently, a few standout items have catapulted the brand into the limelight; in particular the Fisherman’s Cagoule, which would make a brilliant addition to anyone’s wardbrobe and has been on my hit list for some time now. Strong recent additions to the brand’s lineup include, Japanese selvage denim, a pair of excellently constructed deck shoes and the low-profile crepe rubber soled Grizzly Shoe. I haven’t yet seen the denim (below) in person but look forward to trying a pair if these results are anything to go by:


For further insight into the brand and the making of their clothes get yourself over to the Albam behind the scenes blog. Also, if you’re ever in London be sure to pop into their store on Beak street (near Carnaby) for a browse.  More pics below.


Optical Opulence #9

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Carl Kleiner

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Carl Kleiner is a Swedish photographer whose work I’ve only just stumbled across. Here are a random selection of his photographs taken from his already quite random portfolio. I mean this in a good way. 


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Oki-Ni Denim Guide

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This handy little guide from UK webstore Oki-Ni covers all the information  someone could need when buying and caring for a new pair of jeans. The guide is split into sections including the anatomy, washes and history of denim. Whilst some of the information is quite self explanatory, it’s useful to have it all in one place. So if you’re a first time buyer or simply don’t know your hem from your yoke, check it out.


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Shorts Roundup

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I have never tended to spend big on shorts. Whilst I’m quite happy to spend hundreds on jeans or trousers I’ve never taken the same step with shorts. Perhaps it’s the higher ‘dollars-to-fabric’ price or maybe the lack of wears per year thanks to the mediocre Summers around these parts, I’m not sure. Either way, in the past I’ve tended to buy Uniqlo or H&M with these lasting for half a season max. In the long run it’s probably time to bite the bullet as with a higher price (should) come longevity. Here are my picks for when it’s too hot for your light jeans or chinos.  

Engineered Garments


These are a fantastically well constructed pair of shorts from US based Engineered Garments and would last many many Summers. Mark my words.

Oi Polloi

Click for Headporter Plus, Ralph Lauren, Band of Outsiders and APC.