Adam Kimmel F/W 09 + S/S 2010 Video

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The latest collection from New York based designer Adam Kimmel has recently landed at retail outlets across the world (inc. Dover Street Market and Colette). This season’s collection draws inspiration from the work of film maker Gerard Malanga who worked with Andy Warhol (check out the ‘screen-tests’ over on Kimmel’s site). The lookbook is modelled by various NY based creatives including Nate Lowman, Ryan McGinley and A-Ron. I look forward to seeing this in the flesh during a trip to Paris next week.  Check out more from the Fall collection after the jump.

In other Adam Kimmel news, the preview video for his S/S 2010 collection has been released. If you saw last years you’ll know this has the potential to be pretty damn good (for those that missed it, this was an Ari Macropoulous directed video staring 2 suited skaters tearing down a Californian hill – I have included this for your viewing pleasure). This time around sees Meredith Danluck directing the tux wearing champion bull-rider Rocky McDonald.



Optical Opulence #15

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Optical Opulence #14

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Bill Murray Serious Delirium

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Bill Murray, seen here rocking Budweiser swim shorts in Rushmore, almost made me want to buy into the ridiculous Supreme x Budweiser collaboration. Almost.

ToJ Reversible Bomber/ Varsity Jacket

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Ok, things just seem to be getting better and better. Following the release of the much loved bespoke Varsity jackets ‘Temple of Jawnz’ have gone on to create a stunning piece of sartorial wizardry. Yes, this is a fully reversibly, double zipped two-in-one affair- first it’s a Varsity Jacket and wallah, 1 second later it’s a MA-1 style bomber jacket. Impressive stuff.


Jim Gaylord

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Jim Gaylord (alright calm down at the back) works by compositing still images from special effects and stunt sequences in films. The above work entitled ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is, believe it or not, a number of scenes from the film Final Destination 2. Certain sections of the frame are isolated and rendered as the silk screen areas – such is the breakdown and re-shuffling of these frames, the original material is almost entirely unrecognisable in the final composition.


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Visvim F/W Prices

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Hypebeast have uploaded shots from the latest Honeyee magazine featuring highlights from next season’s Visvim output. This gives the more eagle eyed reader an insight into the expected price hikes- and easy reading it is not. Season standouts, the Virgil boots come in at a whopping $605 (¥56,700), whilst footwear debutants the Malseet and Gabo Hi’s are priced at an incredible $470 (¥44,100) and $381 (¥35,700) respectively. The reindeer jacket comes in at a truly eye-watering $2000.  Some prices have however remained stable, the Lhamo folk fbt’s stay at 2008’s price of ¥39,900 – the kick in the teeth coming this time from the poor exchange rate.

The flip side of all this moaning is that this is infact my favourite collection Visvim have ever put out. The duffle bag look stunning as do the sports jackets – hell, everything looks great.  If I was a (multi)millionairre this is all I’d wear. Fact. Treat yourselves guys.   


Lad Musician F/W 09

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Sticking with the bleak mid-winter theme of the previous post and adding a gothic parallel universe into the mix I give you Lad Musicians newly released F/W line. In the past I’ve only really thought of Lad Musician as a Japanese vaguely Dioresque Doherty inspired label, and judging by their latest collection, this is in all probability quite unfair (and I’d imagine pretty inaccurate).  There are obvious similarities between this and Undercover’s A/W line but with an important difference; price. For example, the nice looking knit above comes in at 19,950 Y, which whilst not cheap, it is a darn sight cheaper than a similar piece from Undercover. Yeah, sure quality probably isn’t close, but you get the aethetic. Now available from the Lad Musician site– you’ll need a proxy.


Junya Watanabe F/W 09 Reversible Jacket

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As ridiculous as it may seem with actual Summer only just underway the Fall collections are now hitting the stores. Who’s buying jackets in this weather? Seriously? Anyway, the relentless cycle continues so lets just pretend for a second that the nights are infact drawing in and Winter is very rapidly approaching (a bleak thought I know but stick with it). You’ll need a jacket. How does two for the price of one sound..? Bargain? Well, this year’s Junya F/W features a range of fully reverible jackets – and guess what – they actually look pretty damn good.  I won’t mention the retail price to maintain the illusion that 2 Junya jackets for the price of 1 is the deal of the century. Available from a webstore in Japan for now but with any luck Tres Bien should get this in soon.

Optical Opulence #13

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