Leandro Erlich

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Leandro Erlich aims to create art which challenges our idea of reality. Phycological and spatial illusions are created through his installations.


Supreme F/W 09 Standouts

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Ethereal NYC superbrand Supreme have unveiled their latest collection to the rabid hoards. For a brand that knows that whatever it puts out will, with absolute certainty sell-out, it is a wonder that their product hasn’t turned to crap yet. Sure, as with every collection there is a small amount of detritus , but on the whole this is pretty good. I like most of the outerwear, the barbouresque Timberline jacket is particularly nice. T-shirts = Good, some nice designs, although no real standout ‘hype’ piece. There are also a couple of decent flannels in there as you’d expect. Here are my picks from the collection.


Common Projects Low Profile Training Boots

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Niiice, I think I’ve just found my winter footwear. The button and zip detailing does a good job of ensuring the shoes stand out from the current crop of Common Projects and these bad boys also boast a great low profile – something you can’t say about many boots. I was beginning to tire of the whole Common Project thing with some pretty uninspiring new designs of late but these have stuck them back on the radar.

Tres Bien

The Very Best…

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After a chance meeting in a furniture store Esau Mwamwaya and production duo Radioclit began working together forming ‘the Very Best’ . Last year the team dropped the hugely successful mixtape ‘Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit are the Very Best’  which, thanks to Radioclit’s production prowess seamlessly merged African Pop, Micheal Jackson and Vampire Weekend whilst Mwamwaya sang in 4 different languages. Nearly a year later and the full album is finally ready.  Here is the epic opening track ‘Yalira’.

Optical Opulence #18

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Optical Opulence #17

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Here’s an interesting concept. Buy a sandwich from your favourite Brooklyn based eatery, walk back to the office, pop it on the photocopier, blog it and finally, i presume, eat it. Quite how anyone can have the self restraint to go through this rigmarole everytime they feel a bit peckish I don’t know but there is apparently such a person. The above beauty is aptly titled ‘The Outrageous B.L.T’ and is rammed with Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Fire-Roasted Jalapeños, Tomatoes, Avocado, Homemade Garlic Mayo and Local Greens, all on a Sourdough base. Yum yum.

Click more for some of my favourites.


Last Purchase: Undercover Motorcycle Cords

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I had been searching for these for a quite some time – Undercover cropped ‘motorcycle’ cords from the summer 2008 collection. These feature some nice details; padded knees, clever adjustable waist and a perfect slim fit.  Undercover is a brand that always seems to be pushing the boundaries in terms of design- check out the interior of their latest retail location and last season’s runway show featuring the ‘Grace’ doll. Bizarre but totally brilliant. Catch up on the weird goings on at Undercover by reading Jun Takahashi’s Honeyee blog and see the fall 09 collection here.

Chris Jordan

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Although rather literal and didactic at times, Chris Jordan’s artwork is rarely short of stunning. His meticulously executed works usually project a message  of some sorts – normally very obviously. For example, the above needs little explanation- a reworking of the Van Gogh painting: 200,000 cigarette boxes = approximately the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoke every 6 months. The message is clear.


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Brooklyn Moped Gangs

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What are you doing with your life? Go out, buy a Moped, form a gang and ride to Berlin like I should have done last Summer. The latest Wired Magazine features an article on a group of Brooklyn lads who formed such a gang. They call themselves ‘the Orphans’.


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