The Hunt for the Perfect Hi-Tops #3

Posted in Fashion, Hi-Tops by peeped on March 14, 2009

Common Projects


Common Projects have garnered a strong following during their short existence and, taking the Achilles Mid and Basketball Hi shoes (pictured) as precedent,  it is obvious to see why. Both have a sleek minimalist design and  are available in only uniform colours. Each feature the signature golden product number unique to each shoe printed at the base of the heel and are produced to high standards in Italy using soft nappa leather.

Who cares if the two designs first came out a couple of years ago?  Both timeless and versatile, these  add a touch of class to procedings in the way that converse or vans (or any other generic white sneaker to that matter) cannot.

I know the Achilles are once again released this season but am not sure as to the availability of the Basketball Hi’s. I now want a pair of Achilles low’s to complete the set…

As an aside, the snob inside me was SHOCKED to see that these are now available from the UK highstreet chain Offspring. Now, I know this shouldn’t immediately effect anything and I’m all for anyone being able to buy these with ease. My worry comes from past experiences of once great brands losing their way as a result of increased popularity. Are Common Projects on the cusp of mainstream exposure? Might this again lead to mass production and an inevitable fall in quality? Is this an overreaction? Time will tell but I feel the retail price (once again pushed up by the poor economic climate) may hinder proliferation. 


The Hunt for the Perfect Hi-Tops #2

Posted in Fashion, Hi-Tops by peeped on February 17, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Rolling Sneaker


 YSL have been putting these out each season for a number of years now in both patent and nappa leather and are still one of my favourite Hi-Tops (shut up, I like being trapped in 07).  These are hand made in Spain so the construction and leather is top quality. As well as this, other aspects I like include; the retro logo, how good they look worn in and the low profile – these are perfect with slim jeans. For patent and worn in pics click below.


The Hunt for the Perfect Hi-Tops #1

Posted in Fashion, Hi-Tops by peeped on February 6, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela High Top Mix Up Trainer


Do I like these? I can’t make my mind up. Does the sole remind me too much of bargain bin Hi Tec gym shoes? Are the laces too fat? Would I even look twice if they weren’t Margiela? I just don’t know.