Christian Stoll

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Jason Nocito

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Optical Opulence #24

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Optical Opulence #22

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The Best of the Press

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1. Giulio Di Sturco 2. Anthony Suau (winner 2008) 3. Jérôme Bonnet 4.Steve Winter.

World Press Photo 2009

Peter Van Agtmael

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At the age of just 25 Peter Van Agtmael has seen more action than many of us will see in our entire lifetime. As an embedded photographer in Iraq and Afghanistan the guy has documented life on the frontline mixing with troops and going on patrols. He has also sought to capture America through a series of uncompromising photos.

“My photographs are primarily about contradictions; the simultaneous and infinite coexistence of beauty mingling with destruction, of love with hatred. The endless capacity for contradiction has defined humanity’s existence, and is forced into stark relief in war.”


Geert Goiris

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Guy Sargent

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Guy Sargent’s undeniably atmospheric long-term project ‘What lies beneath’ studies both man made and natural structures. He has a knack for making even central plazas and famous landmarks seem as isolated as some of his landscape shots with each photo exuding an almost eerie calm.


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Ryan McGinley Moonmilk

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With his first show in the UK, Ryan McGinley showcases a collection of vivid photos which, as usual with McGinley, feature his friends in the nude. Famous for his point-and-shoot, brash style this collection differs from his other works by taking the focus away from the people and onto their surroundings. Moonmilk is shot entirely in an underground cave complex somewhere in North America, a tonne of lighting equipment was used and the shoots were conducted in subzero temperatures. The vibrant lighting and stunning location create an otherworldly and beautiful set of photos.

Moonmilk opens at the Alison Jacques Gallery just off Oxford street in London and runs from 10th September to 8th October. An accompanying book will also be released by independent publisher Morel. Oh and also check out this blog which has an almost unhealthy obsession with the photographer.


Chris Jordan

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Although rather literal and didactic at times, Chris Jordan’s artwork is rarely short of stunning. His meticulously executed works usually project a message  of some sorts – normally very obviously. For example, the above needs little explanation- a reworking of the Van Gogh painting: 200,000 cigarette boxes = approximately the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoke every 6 months. The message is clear.


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